…and it starts like this!

My world,
both internally and externally,
has been shaped by analytical psychology, wu shu and ballet . It was initially a struggle as all three subjects seemed at extreme ends, but it seems that it is the sheer paradox that shapes me. Though it may seem impossible, it is at the same time inevitable. I still have to make a conscious effort to keep them at a balance as the demand of each subject can pull me to dangerous depths!

Hopefully, the creation of The Crossword Ballet will provide with the home where all three genres can safely dwell and flourish.
When so many energies are pulling towards so many different direction, a home is absolutely necessary to bring the stability and balance I need. Interestingly enough, the journey of my blogging starts with the arrival of a book called “Leaving my father’s house: Journey to conscious femininity”. It is the mission of The Crossword Ballet to support the redemption of the feminine in a patriarchal society that harms both men and women. Marion Woodman’s book will light the way, open new pathways and lead the exploration. With the support from Joseph Campbell Foundation in London, the journey will be a personal “Odyssey” that will influence the development of the warrior ballerinas.

leaving my father's house