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In the Beginning…

The Crossword Ballet was created in order to express through innovative dance and story telling the ideas of the heroic journey and the individuation process.  It was founded in 2013 by Symeon Kyriakopoulos.

Ballet, Wu Shu (Kung-fu), story telling, music and animation, will come together to revive old truths through a new heroine, the warrior ballerina. She is here to impersonate qualities that have been forgotten, truths that have been refused, stories that have not been spoken. Combining strength and stamina with elegance and beauty her story has to be heard.

The Crossword Ballet explores the core elements of seemingly opposing movement vocabularies, ballet and wu-shu.The warrior ballerina instead of using the typical movement qualities and skills of a ballerina will develop other dynamics with more warrior-like qualities. We want to transform the ballerina into a powerful, dynamic warrior. This new approach and training will challenge the archetypal figure of the graceful-fragile ballerina and develop the physical and expressive skills of the dancers in order to expand, enrich and re-contextualise the ballet style.


Our vision is to support and encourage the unity of humanity through dance, myth and story telling.


To create a new dance style and captivating dance performances that will inspire our audience to reconnect with their heroic journey and individuation process.

To challenge the stereotypes of what ballet is about.

To break collective stereotypes and discover how the opposites can co-exist. Our warrior ballerina is not just a symbol of transformation but a symbol of return..

To establish our choreographic signature.